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Kagura is an energetic girl who is always hungry. (In fact, she is an alien called Yato Tribe)

She runs the general store with Sakata Gintoki and Shinpachi.
In battle, she participates actively with her superhuman strength.

in general, she seems mature, but she also has a feminine, charming side, how she smiles to her dog, SADAHARU and how she hates big insects.

In Doujinshi, most of the time you will see her with Okita Sougo who is her rival.

They are often quarreling, but they fight together against their common enemies and their relationship has been clearly shown in the animation. Also, besides Gintoki and Shinpachi, there are scenes with her older brother Kamui. Their past is quite brutal, so there are episodes that shows them as brother and sister who are happy and close.

Recently, her figure in a kimono has been out and it's really cute!

Her skirt is shorter than the clothes that she usually wears and it's very charming so check it out!

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