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Super Comic City 24 is one of the largest Doujin Event before Summer Comiket. It will be held on 3rd and 4th May in Tokyo Big Site.
There are 24000 circles and over 100,000 doujin fans are attracted to the Event.

Not all the items on the table yet but pre-order of some items has already began! Of course, there is possibility you can get the item after SUPER COMIC CITY 24 but I definitely recommend you pre-order!
I usually regret two or three times “Why didn’t I click pre-order button at the time...?(´;ω;`)
Why I thought I can buy it tomorrow...? (´;ω;`)” for every Comiket and Comic City. It is sad.
It has not happened this time yet but when I think if nice items has been sold out while I'm working, I'm not myself (´;ω;`)
Please check the items you want from now on not to go through this feeling!