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Abilities:Finding sought-for items
Theme song:A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander

Nazrin is a Boss Character that appears in Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object.
She is a mouse youkai and lives in the Myouren Temple.

She is a subordinate of Toramaru Syou and is a genuine dowser.
She is characteristically known for her mouse ears and her large dowsing rod which suggest a serious nature.
Her special skill is the ability of being able to search for lost items using her dowsing rod. When she first appeared she was in the process of searching for the ‘Tobikura’.

The ‘Tobikura’ is needed to restore Hijiri Byakuren therefore she continues to frantically search for it.
However, he was led to see Hakurei Reimu, Kirisame Marisa and Kochiya Sanae, so in order to get it back, he had to fight with them.
She attacks mainly with the pendulum and dowsing rod she has, there are many beautiful spell cards.
She reappears in the fifth screen which is rare for one boss character, so if you like her, you can't miss this.

In comparison with Syou who often lose things, she disagreeably tries to find it in Doujinshi.
Basically she shows Tsundere reaction to Syou, and sweet side that she sometime shows is very cute.

She is often with characters like Toramaru Syou , Kasodani Kyouko , Hijiri Byakuren , etc.

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