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All Might is overwhelmingly strong since his debut and has become the No.1 popular Hero, who has been contributing decreasing the number of the enemies, preventing crimes from occurring. Therefore, he bore the title of the world’s Symbol of Peace.
With his overly muscular figure, he has short blond hair with two distinct bangs that stand up over his head, like the letter ‘V’.

Even though All Might’s real name is officially known but I’ll keep it secret here for your future enjoyment.( ˘ω˘)
His birthday is June 10th. His height is 220cm. (7' 2½") and weight is 255kg. (Heaviest ever was 274kg!!!( ・`д・´))
His favorite thing is ‘Yakusugi’ (Yakushima cedar) and to watch movies. He’s known as a mysterious person.

His Quirk is One for All. The details for the Quirk hasn’t officially been known yet and it’s been called ‘Seven Wonders of the World’.
The Quirk ‘One for All’ consists of two Quirks; ‘The Quirk that gives the power’ and ‘The Quirk that saves the power’.

Usually they are not able to give away their Quirks to anybody but the One for All is the exception. This is called the ‘Quirk that gives the power’.
All Might is the 8th owner of ‘One for All’.
But this works only to the person whom the owner wants to give away to. Therefore, they say there is no possibility that somebody steals their Quirk.
All Might has deeply got injured before and since then, he started looking for his successor. He finally found Midoriya Izuku as his successor after All Might saw his brave attitude fighting against the enemies even though he had ‘No Quirk’ at that time. This is how Boku no Hero Academia(My Hero Academia)started.
By the way, if they want to hand over their Quirks, the successors have to have their DNA. Guess what Mdoriya Izuku did? He ate All Might’s hair. (Amazing, right?)(゚A゚;)

And one of the secrets about One for All’s strength is the ‘Quirk that saves the power’. Let me make it clear. This Quirk can strengthen the power as they hand over the Quirk.
The power, which was saved from the ancestors, strengthen the successors’ bodies, which ends up creating overwhelming power. The body that is trained already and the power that is saved by the ancestors are perfectly mixed together and they become super strong. They can beat up any enemies with their overwhelming power. It’s even called ‘Ultimate brain muscle’.
All Might uses One for All by punching. But as for Midoriya Izuku, he rather uses it by kicking.

All Might has two forms; Muscle form and True form.

As you can see, Muscle form is literally a muscular figure during battle. But for the True form (a skinny figure) on the other hand, it needs more explanation here.

Five years prior to when he first met Midoriya Izuku, he deeply got injured from the battle against the famous villain. Even though he got surgery repeatedly, he ended up having some after-effects from the injury. Since then, he’s become skinny.
Even after that, he still calls himself, Natural Born Hero, feeling very proud of himself as the Hero.

Moreover, since he handed over One for All to Midoriya Izuku, he lost much of his power and got weakened. His normal muscular figure, which is usually shown in the story, is made by his Quirk’s strength. It actually has a limited time, which is only three hours. Therefore, it says that he’s been gradually losing that precious time.

It’s the classified information which only a few people know.

He’s kept fighting against the enemies, being proud of himself as the Hero. That’s our All Might. He’s manly and cool.(*´艸`*)

Also, he became a teacher at U.A. High School, where he himself graduated from, to avoid too many Hero activities because of his weakening body. But since he hasn’t been used to the work yet and because he’s clumsy, he still needs some cheat sheets and reference books in class Lol…;

All Might as well as Midoriya Izuku grow stronger!
He is the best of all the Hero ever! The Hero whom everybody admires! This man here, his name is All Might!!!
( ゚∀゚)o “No worry! Why? Because I’m right here with you!!”

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