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Name:Ranmaru Kurosaki
Instrument of speciality: Bass

He works as an idol also.
He is also training Masato Hijirikawa and Ren Jinguji because he has been in the show buissiness longer.

His left eye is greyish and the right eye is purple. That is his characteristic that he has different color eyes.
His first impression is "scary" but he is kind. Just not innocent to express his feelings.

In season 1 he talk to ST☆RISH pretty strictly, so I suppose that many people might think he is vey scary.

But he is not at all!

Although it has not yet drawn in the anime, many things happened to Ranmaru the past, so that he hates someone trying to be an idle without fully determination. Ranmaru has a very seriously attitude toward the job, and makes no compromise at all.

And he just hates to be a loser!

I think he is very cute that he tries to connect everything to rock! Cute! Really! Also that he loves food ...

When being asked if he would be lonely when ST☆RISH is disbanded in episode 10, He denied, but I think he must care inside his heart! I think that it suggests the tenderness of Ranmaru!

Impression of Ranmaru has changed. It becomes different from what I feel throughout the game. Now I really want to watch the scene that Ranmaru is gentle to Haruka and turns into blush. I think I should try to find some unofficial stories features him. When Ranmaru is gentle to Haruka, he is so adorable ...

If someone has the impression that Ranmaru is scary, I would be glad to see that is changed even slightly!Ranmaru is my very most recommended character really! !

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