Ai Mikaze

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Name:Ai Mikaze
Instrument of speciality:Synthesizer

He is also active as an idol.
As an experienced idol he is in charge of leading Shou Kurusu and Natsuki Shinomiya.

Though he looks cute, he is often short with Shou and Natsuki.

He is extremely popular from elders among friends who likes Uta-pri!!!

For me, he is always down to earth while he is talking! He has very lovely face!!!
I'm jealous that he is a boy and he is this cute...

But he is not only cute. His lectures are strict to juniors!

I think people who already saw the first episode from the second semester, he was listing out the daily schedules of Shou and Natsuki, by every minute.

Also in 8th episode, he gave advice to Shou, not to enjoy himself too much. He is a good senior like Camus and disciplines his junior very well!

Ai seems to have a lot of secrets, which are not shown in the anime. I think so because only Ai's blood type is not disclosed... am I thinking too much?

This is why I want to play this game!!! There are a lot of Doujinshi concerning Ai, which should be checked by people who likes or cares about him!

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