Asui Tsuyu

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Asui Tsuyu is a 1st-year student (Class 1-A, No 3) at U.A. High School, who is a classmate with the main character, Midoriya Izuku. Her Quirk is Frog. Her birthday is February 12th. Her height is 150cm (4' 11"). Her blood type is B. She’s from Aichi Prefecture. Her favorite things are the rain and jello.
Her hero name is a rainy season hero, FROPPY.ヘ(゚∀゚ヘ)
She is a little girl with very wide eyes and long black hair. She always ties her hair in a bow from the back. Just like a frog, she has a wide mouth. Since her parents, younger brother and sister also look like a frog (Her younger sister rather looks like a tadpole since she’s a little younger.), it’s thought to be genetic. Her tongue is longer than the normal ones, maybe because she’s a frog. But she’s cute.

She usually hunches over, bending her knees slightly and pushing her arms in front a little. The way she sits is exactly as frogs do. She has a habit of pointing her index finger to her mouth when she thinks of something.

(・∀・)She is usually quiet, holding a poker face. Even if something, which nobody would expect, happens, she never changes her expression. She’s known to be a dependable and smart student since she is always calm and keeps her Quirk, both physical and mental strength and intellect above the average.
However, she has shown a girly reaction once. When a dirty boy in her class, Mineta Minoru, did something that was thought to be sexual harassment to her, she blushed and put his face into water. It was the moment when she stimulated our (Otaku’s) brains.(*´∀`)

Asui Tsuyu always calls her classmates by their names plus ‘chan’. And she seems to want people, who she wants to get closer to, to call her ‘Tsuyu-chan’. Actually, when Midoriya Izuku calls her ‘Asui-san’ by mistake, she always tells him to call her Tsuyu-chan.

Next, I’ll explain about her Quirk, Frog!

Asui Tsuyu’s Quirk is said to be one of the ‘Variant’ types, which effects all the time, while the Quirk of Midoriya Izuku and Uraraka Ochako is said to be the ‘Activating’ type. I keep calling her a frog in this article but she is, literally, a frog. If the frogs are personalized to human, they all might become just like Asui Tsuyu. She has exactly the same physical strength and characters as frogs.

Tsuyu’s Quirk allows her to extend her tongue to a maximum of 20 meters! She is even able to adjust the length. It could be just like a whip, attacking the enemies or pulling and throwing objects, winding it around them. It says she is able to hold one man up in this way.
What’s more? Her limbs stick to objects so she’s able to climb up even vertical walls.
She can also hop long distances, holding two men at the same time. She has a powerful kicking ability as well. She also has a stomach that she can take out and put in back. It says that she is able to discharge less spicy toxic slime.
And as you know, she’s super good at fighting in the water, like a frog!

Now you know Asui Tsuyu is quite a strong girl, huh?
The author even said he made her ‘too strong’ lol (ノ∀`)

So everybody! Let’s cheer up Asui Tsuyu (Tsuyu-chan)! We cannot keep an eye off from her since she’s already strong!

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