Komeiji Satori

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・Komeji Satori

Ability : Reading minds
Theme song : Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye

Komeji Satori is a boss character that appears in Subterranean Animism.
She is a specter called Satori and lives in the Chireiden Castle in underground.
She is an older sister of Koishi and has more mellow personality compared to her sister.

She has a third eye and can read other creatures’ mind through the eye.
However, because of the ability she was hated in the world and decided to live underground.
On contrary, animals that don’t care about her ability like her.
She has a lot of animals at the Chireiden Castle.

In the original work, she uses a spell card that reads the trauma of Reimu and Marisa.
The spell cards change depending on the pair character.
Her theme song as authentic atmospheres and worth listening.
The part that I want people’s attention the most in the original work is the way she totters as she moves.
It’s very cute and worth a look.

She is often with characters like Komeiji Koishi, Kaenbyou Rin, Reiuji Utsuho , etc.

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