Komeiji Koishi

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・Komeji Satori

Abilities:Manipulation of the Subconscious
Theme song:Hartmann's Youkai Girl

Komeiji Koishi is an extra boss in Touhou Chireiden - Subterranean Animism. She is a kind of fairy known as a Satori, who lives in the Chireiden. Her motifs are roses and love.

She is Komeiji Satori's younger sister and, like her sister, she has the ability to read people's mind.
However, knowing that she would be hated for her power, she has abandoned her power and keeps her third eye closed.

At the same time, she has the ability to manipulate the unconscious mind, and can act without anyone noticing.
Furthermore, even Satori can no longer read Koishi's mind.
Her name is also meaningful: it calls to mind both a "pebble(小石)," unnoticed by anyone, and "feelings of love(恋思)."

As her character rules over love and passion in the original work, she often fires heart-shaped bullets and also has many attacked with a rose motif.
The spell cards "Release of the Id," "Super Ego", and "Subterranean Rose" are particularly beautiful and symbolic of her character.
However, the degree of difficulty of these cards is conversely very high, and there are even many fans who claim that she cannot be defeated.

Both she and Satori move in the same tottering way, providing another cute point of interest.
In addition, if you defeat her using a specific character, a certain character will appear. If you're curious, please try playing.

She is often with characters like Komeiji Satori, Kaenbyou Rin, Reiuji Utsuho , etc.

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