Akashi Seijurou

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Akashi Seijuro

School: Rakuzan High School
Uniform Number: 4
Position: Point Guard
Ability: Emperor Eye

Akashi Seijuro is one of Kiseki no Sedai , and was in charge of the captain. He has a red hair, odd eyes, looks younger and a little bit small.

He is charismatic and has an ability to predict the future, therefore I thought he is as if he was an RPG boss.

Even though Seijuro looks younger, he is popular because he is mysterious in an unexpected way. Besides, although he is still a first-year student in high school, he is in charge of the captain, and any member of Kiseki no Sedai can't ignore his order, so he seems to be an emperor.

I'm pretty interested in how comes he has grown up like this.

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