Kise Ryouta

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Kise Ryouta

School: Kaijou High School
Uniform Number: 7
Position: Small Forward
Ability: Copy, Perfect Copy

Kise Ryouta is one of Kiseki no Sedai .

He is not only too smart but keener. His feature is his yellow hair.
He started playing basketball when he saw Aomine Daiki playing. He is able to imitate someone's play.

He is popular among girls as he's good looking. I fell in love with him at the first glance.

His character is very cute on the other hand, he likes Tetsuya very much and checks every single game of Seiryo high school. He even tried to headhunt him from his basketball club. He's just like a doggy of Tetsuya.

His charm is the gap between his looks and character. I think you can find his charm in Doujinshi . Please enjoy it.

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