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When the game gets closer to the end, not only your swords but also the enemies get stronger and stronger.
Since cute Tantou or Uchigatana have low defense power, they sometimes get beat completely.... In such cases, a kind of sword call ‘Oodachi’ will be their saviors. ゚+.(・∀・).+゚.。

Their charm is having high abilities of attack and defense. But that’s not only their charm! Swords such as Tantou or Uchigatana can attack against only one enemy at a time. But this Oodachi can defeat three enemies at maximum at a time. Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ

Is it okay only Oodachi is that strong? You might want to ask this question. Well, they have a weak point too. They are slow of foot.... The other character has already defeated the enemy when it’s Oodachi’s turn to attack. This situation frequently happens. We might waste such a high attacking power, right?! (´Д`):∵  But if you have them ride the horse, which is one of the items (equipment), their swiftness goes up, making up for their weak point!

Ishikirimaru is one of such Oodachi swords, which was handed down from the shrine. He allegedly has the power to heal boils of those who visit the shrine. He has been dedicated in the shrine for such a long time that he often prays or tells fortune in the game. Hearing such things (praying and telling fortune) from him, I get the image of him not being good at fighting with people..... ( ˘ω˘ )

“With my blade, I will cut this boulder!”

Guess what! Ishikirimaru’s attacking power is No.1 among all the swords appearing in Touken Ranbu( ◦ω◦ )!! At the same time, the swiftness is way too far down to the bottom. Yes, he is literally a typical Oodachi sword. Since he is rather easier to acquire compared to other swords of Oodachi, I bet most players can acquire him in about the middle of the game.

Actually, Ishikirimaru was the first Oodachi sword that I acquired in Touken Ranbu too! I was so impressed when I first used Oodachi that I can never forget about the impression.... ( =ω=) He defeated the enemy, which Tantou had difficulty in fighting with, as if he was cutting soft stuff such as tofu or jelly.

Even though his ability of attacking is so high, his essential personality is far from it. Rather, he’s so gentle! In the game, Ishikirimaru always cares about Saniwa, telling him fortune or taking care of him when Saniwa is sick. Maybe it’s because he’s been in the shrine for a long time? He seems to be like a Shinto priest rather than a sword, doesn’t he? His voice is so nice and relaxing that I feel like hearing his story for a long time too. (^ω^)♪

By the way, try to go to the battle putting Ishikirimaru and Nikkari Aoe which is the Wakizashi sword in the same troop.....! You will get to hear their special conversation of the two, who really don’t seem to know each other! Σ(・□・ ) If you want to know what the conversation is like, go visit Nikkari Aoe’s page and check♪o(^-^ o )

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