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Shishiou is one of the Tachi-type swords characters appearing in Touken Ranbu!

My name is Shishiou. I look cool, but since I was meant to be given to an old man, I was made to be light. Well, that shows the kindness of the giver!

Shishiou always talks about an ‘old man’ who is his former owner so happily.
He even looks like the owner’s real grandson! If Mikazuki Munechika can be a No.1 ‘Ojiichan’ in the Touken Ranbu world, Shishou can be a No.1 ‘Grandson’!

(*・ω・) Sortie, huh? Let's go! In the name of the old man!
(*・ω・) The old man liked taking care of horses, too.
(*・ω・) I get it, old man! Oh... Wrong person..

Yep! He is always thinking about the ‘old man’ even when he goes to battle or does a ‘horsekeeping done’. He sometimes ends up calling Saniwa ‘old man’ too! Then he bashfully says, ‘Oh... Wrong person..’. Don’t you think he’s so adorable? Sure, I can be your ‘old man’ too, Shishiou!!

It’s so heartwarming that Shishiou loves the ‘old man’ but I have one more thing that I love him about! He is such an energetic character and is always so looking forward to being used by Saniwa! For instance....

When I appointed him as a leader in my party!
(*・ω・) I'm the leader?! Hell yeah!

When I gave him the Equipment!
(*・ω・) New equipment♪

When he got ‘Rank-up’!
(*・ω・) How is it? Did you see it!? I'll be even more active, so use me a lot, okay!

....etc! He always talks to me pleasantly, so I feel like giving him a lot of chance in my party! (Especially, if I let him in my party as a regular member (not as a captain), he reluctantly says, ‘A member...? Wish I was the captain...’.... So I always let him be a captain!)

By the way, Shishiou has bright blond hair, but on the contrary, his costumes are all based on black-ish colors. That’s because Shishiou is a sword designed by black lacquer.... And guess what! I went to the museum to see his real ‘sword’ Shishiou!
It was rather small for sure, compared to other Tachi, and I also found out that it was made so that the ‘old man’ could use it comfortably! All black appearance is so cool and tasteful! I get so excited to know that there were people who actually used it to fight hundreds of years ago...!

We can see such energetic and popular Shishiou in the game ‘Touken Ranbu’ but we can also see him in Doujinshi a lot! In Doujinshi, he recounts the memory with the ‘old man’ or hangs out with him too! If you like Shishiou, please check that out as well! I’m sure you’ll like Shishiou even more! ( ・v・)σ

Just leave it to Shishiou-sama!

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