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( ・v・)σ Nikkari Aoe is one of the Wakizashi-type swords characters.

“Nikkari” sounds a little funny, doesn’t it? Even me, Japanese, haven’t heard of such a name before. This name is derived from a legend that Nikkari Aoe made when he was still a sword. Here is the legend: He cut a stone tower into two, even though he thought he was cutting a female ghost who was smiling mysteriously (“nikkari” in Japanese). No matter what he cut, either the real ghost or the stone tower....., Nikkari Aoe was such a sharp sword, I guess. (゜~゜)

Then, what is the character, Nikkari Aoe like....? He looks handsome with glossy long hair! He grows so strong after he becomes “特 (Toku)” version on the status. (The characters in Touken Ranbu become “特 (Toku: special)” version after they get to a certain level, which makes their abilities even higher!) Especially he grows to be so strong. We can say that he is the best and strongest character in abilities among all the Wakazashi swords. (o゚ε゚o)

Nikkari Aoe is excellent both on appearance and status! Let me share some of his remarks in the game. o(^-^ o )

I am Nikkari Aoe. Yup yup, you're thinking that my name is strange too, aren't you?

How do you feel about me being undressed?

....Right. Please entrust your body to me.

Looks like they all have deep meanings! (*ノω゚)ノ As 6-1 (Ikedaya) stage appeared, and Tantou or Wakazashi swords, which are good at night battle, got strong, I got Nikkari Aoe, which is a Wakazashi sword in my party.... I sometimes get embarrassed by his remarks. Since Nikkari originally has a higher status than other characters, he’s dependable on the battle... but.... He just stands out too much from his adult-like attractive behaviors; compared to other characters of Wakazashi, which are physically and mentally immature (they are just like junior high school or high school students). ( =ω=)

By the way, try to go to the battle putting Nikkari Aoe and Ishikirimaru which is Oodachi sword in the same troop.....! You will get to hear the conversation of two of them who have one thing in common! They really don’t seem to know each other, but what in the world are they talking about?

I wonder why I can't be a divine sword.

I told you about Nikkari Aoe’s legend that he cut the ghost, but there is another version that is a little different from that legend. It goes like this: When Nikkari Aoe tried to cut the female ghost, a child ghost ran to the spot. So he cut the child. Ishikirimaru says Nikkari Aoe cannot be a divine sword since he cut the little child, even though the child was the ghost.

Also, there are some swords that are dedicated in the shrines, designated as the Important Cultural Properties and even treated like God... but Nikkari is just a regular sword, not like the ones above. Even though his remarks are always weird, he might actually be a little worrying about the fact... ( =ω=)

Nikkari Aoe is strong and cool but always says something that has deep meaning. If anybody gets interested in Nikkari, try to find him in the game or Doujinshi! Then get excited from his voice. (^ω^)

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