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( ・v・)σ Yagen Toushirou is one of the Tantou-type swords characters.

In the game of Touken Ranbu, the status of attack or defense is low. On the contrary, the ability of Scouting or Camouflage is high! Tantou is a support-type character who can make use of such abilities rather than overwhelming the enemies with power in the battle. For instance, the higher the Scouting ability is, the higher the possibility of detecting the enemy battle-formations gets. (。・ω・。)
Also, if the ability of the Camouflage is high, it might sometimes evade the arrows or stones that the enemies throw!

Tantou-type characters, who have such status (low in attack and defense power), all look like junior high school kids. Not only their appearances but their personalities are also innocent and immature..... Except Yagen Toushirou! (*´ω`)

“If you're worried, take me along. I won't be a hindrance.”

Yagen Toushirou is just like other Tantou-type characters, looking fair and slim. His status is also just the same as others (low in attacking, defense and HP), so he sometimes gets huge damage at the end of the battle...
But on the contrary of his frail-looks, his personality is strong-nerved and manly! (* =ω=) His figure, screaming, plunging and defeating the enemies, is so cool.

Plus, not only is he strong but he is also gentle! In the game of Touken Ranbu, you can select one character and put him in charge of近侍 (Secretary). The character who becomes the Secretary will talk to Saniwa (player) if you wait for a while in the本丸(Inner Citadel: main screen). (・ω・*)☆・゚:*。 What is Yagen Toushirou going to say.....?

“General, are you dozing off? Don't catch a cold.”

This remark is.... I’m so sorry that I can’t describe how good it is by writing but.... just so nice. You might feel he is saying it bluntly, but we can feel his kindness toward Saniwa! Yagen is strong, dependable, kind and caring! That is why, there are so many fans who love and call him “Aniki” (brother). (* =ω=) (I’m one of them of course) This is my favorite remark of Aniki, by the way!

“My wounds aren't that bad. Don't mind them.”

After they get damage from the battle, the sword characters in Touken Ranbu can recover HP by doing手入(Repairs). When they are getting light damage and do the Repairs, Yagen gives us a remark like above! When he is giving us a remark, he looks a little mad... but I like it a lot since I think he wants to show off his strength saying the wound is not a big deal to him.

Such a cool Yagen Toushirou... I’ve lost him before. He just became level 40 on the 4-1 (Nagashino) stage. Because of my carelessness... there is no need to make an excuse.... I wasn’t wearing the ear phones at that time, so I couldn’t even hear the last word Aniki said. I was so sad that I couldn’t but think to myself that I should never take such weak Tantou characters to the battle....

But! At the 6-1 (Ikedaya) stage that appeared later on, I found out that the swords that don’t have high power such as Tantou and Wakazashi are stronger on the night map!
Yes, at the 6-1 stage, their levels are high enough to make us think that “I have to take Tantou”, not “I can take Tantou”! Thanks to it, my second Yagen Toushirou is doing a great job now. ( ;∀;) The figure that he defeats the Oodachi-type enemies at one sweep, who have more than twice the attacking power or HP than him.... is so cool! Aniki~!

If anybody got interested in Yagen Toushirou, reading this article so far, please have a look at his brave figure in the game of Touken Ranbu or Doujinshi! I’m sure you will be a fan of Aniki\( ‘ω’)/

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