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(●゚д゚) Tsurumaru Kuninaga is one of the Tachi-type swords characters appearing in Touken Ranbu!
‘Tsuru’ in his name ‘Tsurumaru Kuninaga’ represents a bird, ‘crane’. As you know, cranes are white and slim, right? Tsurumaru, whose name has also a ‘crane’, is a slender, fair and handsome boy too. ( *=ω=)
When I first got Tsurumaru, I thought he was a delicate and quiet character, just like how he looks. But he wasn’t, actually!

「わっ!…あっはははは! 驚いたか? ああ、いやいや、すまんすまん」
“Waa! ...Ahahahahah! Are you surprised? Ah, no no, my bad, my bad.”

If I have to express his character in one word, I would say, ‘Surprising’! He loves to surprise players, Saniwa or other swords. He even surprises the enemies in battle too.... Unlike his delicate and beautiful appearance, he is actually like a naughty boy. That gap is the most surprising thing to me! ( *=ω=)

“Goodness, I could die of boredom.”

He was made around the 10th ~ 11th century, when Mikazuki Munechika was made. It’s an old and historical sword, isn’t it? (。・ω・。)
During that long timeframe, he was owned by various owners, worshiped in the shrine and even buried in the owner’s cemetery. Since Tsurumaru was such a beautiful sword, it has been stolen from the cemetery and the shrine! He has lived his life by being decorated or stolen..., instead of being used in the battle, which is his true usage. Maybe the fact that he’s had a life full of ups and down might be the reason why he wants to surprise. ( *=ω=)

By the way, when you go to ‘万屋(Shop)’ to buy item(s) that you use in the game (Touken Ranbu), the character working as a ‘近侍(Secretary)’ talks to us. I love what Tsurumaru says to us in the Shop. (^-^*)

“Oh my. If you're going to send me a present, you probably shouldn't discuss it with me beforehand, huh?”

I didn’t come here to buy a present for Tsurumaru!! I mean, they sure sell items that characters can have for sure though....
But most players come to this Shop to increase the number of the rooms where they can fix their swords or to buy items to make rare swords with. I like him being flattered like this though. ( *=ω=)

But on the contrary, we can see a brave and cool Tsurumaru in battle! Unexpectedly, he is high in ability and often gets MVP too! When he actually got the MVP and came back to me, I was just so ‘surprised’....! He wears a white costume in the fights, and is so cool and beautiful, just like his name ‘crane’. o('∇'*)o
Since the Doujinshi of Touken Ranbu that Tsurumaru is in has produced second most numbers, you can see his various figures in it! Got interested in Tsurumaru? Why don’t you read his Doujinshi?

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