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My name is Heshikiri Hasebe.
If it's an order from the master, I will accomplish anything you wish.

I think these are the words that represent the character ‘Heshikiri Hasebe ’ with a simple way as well as his own introduction.

He is very loyal to his player who is also his master, but on the contrary, he has strict attitudes toward himself and his buddies.

Give me a report on the situation. Negligence will not be tolerated.

But the strict attitude is not like a bad thing. He is like that since he engages orders or work that are asked by his player, which results in being strict, never allowing to be lazy.

Even though he bestowed my name upon me, he passed me down to the likes of someone who wasn't even one of his ministers. Such was the man who was my previous master.

What made him like that? Basically, characters of Touken Ranbu tend to be influenced strongly by their previous owners when they were still swords.... but

Why... Why can't it be me.

Maybe he just wants to be loved by his player or previous master, just because he is extraordinarily loyal.

Who in the world was his previous owner who didn’t adore such a loyal sword? I bet some of you are wondering who. Actually, the owner is a very famous person. Even though you might not be good at Japanese history, you should have heard of the name at least once.


Heshikiri Hasebe. .... Weird name, isn't it?
My previous lord, you see, could not forgive the mistake of his tea servant, and I was thus named when he executed the hiding servant with only the weight of the blade... He's that kind of man. Oda Nobunaga, that is.

(´;ω;`) Hasebe!!!!!!!!!!!

How pitiful he is! But don’t worry!

Since his status is so (super, duper, extreme and incredible!!!) high that we can hardly see his weakness. You will definitely need him when you want a good advance in the game. (´^ω^`)

Especially, his Mobility is the third highest among all the characters which are currently implemented (as of June, 2015). I bet there are so many players who use him as a major member because of his high status and perfection...

Well... here’s what I think about him...

I think he is the best at creating a certain troop. The troop is Catapult Gold!! I mean, this is 100% true! I feel that if he is a leader, the possibility that the Catapult Gold is made will double. (;´Д`)!!(The recipe is 50/120/50/60, by the way!) I think he has a potential and mysterious power in him! Yep, I really think so!!

I will wait for eternity if you ask me to. As long as you come back for me in the end.

I think he is such a pitiful character.
Even though he tries so hard on everything, he never fails to have a brave and manly attitude.
I bet many players (including me) should want him to relax more and want to see his big smile!!

If anybody thinks the same way as me, please check out Doujinshi!
I’m sure that Japanese fans should be making their hopes for him come true! o(´∀`o三o´v`)o

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