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Kousetsu Samonji is one of the Tachi-type swords characters appearing in Touken Ranbu.

I am called Kousetsu Samonji. Is there a day when fighting disappears from the world?

This is what Kousetsu-San said when I first met him, but.... he sounds so depressed!! (・_・;) In fact, he is a peace-lover, hating to fight, being influenced by the former owner of him.

So, it might be the best not to let him fight, but... Kousetsu-San’s status is (ironically) very high! His status is almost as good as Mikazuki Munechika Ojiichan, who is the rarest among Tachi characters. This fact ends up with...

(。・∀・) Kousetsu-San! Will you be a leader of the party?
川-_-) Are you saying that I must lead them somewhere?

(。・∀・) Kousetsu-San! Use this Equipment when you go to battle!
川-_-) ..Haaa..

(。・∀・) Awesome! Kousetsu-San! You got the MVP!
川-_-) ...I am not glad.

Yeah, to me, I really don’t want Kousetsu-San to go to battle, since I don’t want him to feel bad! But it’s also the fact that I need his power for my party....! As a result, I always make him have a hard time... I’m sorry, Kousetsu-San and thank you so much!!
And there’s one more reason why I really want to force him to go to battle! Even though he hates to fight, the figure that he is actually fighting is so beautiful... I’m just fascinated by his appearance of standing on the battle field, waving his long, beautiful, ice-blue hair!

Most of the lines that Kousetsu-San says are sad toward fighting, but...
When I’m playing Touken Ranbu, I sometimes want to feel like saying those lines too! For instance...

Even though I did ‘Smithing’ using a lot of ‘resources’, I can’t get Mikazuki Ojiichan that I want most at all! Then I want to say...
川-_-) This world is hell...

When my adorable Tantou characters in my party were defeated so badly by ‘Kebiishi’!
川-_-) Is there not... a road of peace?

Yes, these Kousetsu-San’s lines are actually sad but.... they somehow have a mysterious charm in them, which I feel like saying aloud.

I bet some of you might be thinking that Kousetsu-San looks sad all the time in the game, after you’ve read this article so far... But don’t worry! Such Kousetsu-San sometimes looks happy! This is a precious line that he says!

Earning one's keep by spilling sweat. This is a pleasant way to live, isn't it.

This is a line that we can hear when we ask Kousetsu-San for field work! Even though he looks hard in the battle, when he is growing vegetables the field, he looks a little calm. I was so relieved that I could hear his happy voice...! I’m so glad to know that something like this makes him happy!

By the way, when he is taking care of horses, he looks a little happy too! Just because I want to hear his happy lines, I sometimes have him taken care of horses, even though his status is ‘MAX’.... If you get Kousetsu-San in the game, please enjoy his happy lines too!

Also in Doujinshi, you can often see Kousetsu-San looking happy hanging out with his brother, Souza Samonji and Sayo Samonji as well! If you like him, please check it out!

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