[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Nakigitsune (Touken Ranbu)

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Fox: Well, well, since it has come to this, an Uchigatana from Kamakura period, Nakigitsune is here. I am his accompaniment fox!
Nakigitsune: ......please take care of me.

(゜д゜) Yes, this fox can speak.

Nakigitsune is one of the Uchigatana-type swords characters which are also called Awataguchi, in which also Ichigo Hitofuri or Yagen Toushirou are.

In this faction called Awataguchi, there are especially swords such as Tantou or WakaZashi.... but he is the only Uchigatana which is longer than them (Tantou or WakiZashi).

Since we can get this sword relatively at the beginning, I have had him as the first member for such a long time! He’s helped me a lot in various situations since he is stronger, more powerful and has more items that I can equip than Tantou or WakiZashi. (ノ∀`) It’s such a great memory for me! Except! He tends to lose his power at the end and lots of players eliminate him from the first troop... (・へ・)

Nakigitsune is not good with socializing, so I help him communicate with others.

His, I mean, their best feature is to talk a lot!

腹話術ではございませぬ!わたくしめは、鳴狐の代理に過ぎません / そうだよ、驚いたか
This is not ventriloquism! I'm nothing but a representative for Nakigitsune / That's right. Are you surprised?

Anyways, he is just so adorable...! (*´∀`)
He and a fluffy fox (on his shoulder) go to everywhere together!
Since I love small animals, they are so special to me...! Unlike Gokotai or Shishiou who also have their animals as their companies, this fox is able to talk so clearly. I bet you will grow fond of him!

ご覧下さい主さま! 鳴狐のこの活躍!!
Please look at this, master.!! Nakigitsune's accomplishment!!

I did nothing, but Nakigitsune worked hard!

Kitsune-kun (the fox)’s affection toward Nakigitsune is so admirable that it makes me so happy. ・゚・(つД`)・゚・。
It might be a little hard for us to take him to the end of the stage due to his low ability... But! Just by taking him there! There will be such a heartwarming communication that makes us energetic! As Kitsune-kun or Nakigitsune talk in various scenes, we often cannot help but giggle!

Are you guys getting interested in such a pair...?
Guess what! Touken Ranbu will introduce a new system in July!
Guess who will be active in the system....? Yep! The characters of Uchigatana (and Wakazashi)!

So now! Any of you who have given up taking care of Nakigitsune!
Go and run around in the battle field taking with him! I’m sure he will be a great sword that can be active the most!!!

Well, well, I'm the fox accompanying Nakigitsune. Participating now!

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