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Hirokawa Kunihiro is one of the characters called “Wakizashi”.

His strong point is having a high ability of supporting battles, such as “Scouting” or “Camouflage”. With this ability, it becomes easier to discover the enemy’s movement, while being harder to be discovered by the enemy! Plus, using the troops, Wakizashi can even give the enemy a preemptive attack. If you have it in your team, he will surely be a great supporter for you. ( ^ω^)

Horikawa-kun, one of the Wakizashi, is a gentle and dependable character! Since he is good at housework, he always tries to help the player, Saniwa, with cleaning, laundry, etc... He even warns me not to spend too much money when I tell him that I will go to the store to get some items for the game....

Even though he is usually caring, he sometimes shows us an unexpected side when he fights against the enemy. When he gets damage in the battle, he sometimes says, “Don't get angry... Don't get angry...” Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ He seems to be persuading himself to control his anger! Usually people who rarely get angry get so scary when they get seriously angry, right? I can’t even imagine what he is going to be like when he gets angry, since he is so calm, most of the time... But personally, I really want to see him being super angry, you know? (`・ω・´)♪

There is another character, Izuminokami Kanesada a, who has a deep relationship with Horikawa-kun. Horikawa-kun seems to long for Izuminokami Kanesada, who is a “Tachi” character, Horikawa-kun often talks about him. They are just like good buddies and they also look like brothers, since they look alike (especially their eyes and hair color). (。・ω・。) Actually, they used to be belonged to the same owner before. (※to the link, “Hijikata Toshizou”) So, guess what! If you put both of them in the same team, a special event will happen! I really recommend this, since you can find out how their relationship is, or how strong their bond is!


Let's go, towards our battlefield where we have neither guns or artillery

“Wakizashi” was the sword, originally used by Samurai. Hirokawa Kunihiro that I talked about in this article is a Wakizashi, and his owner was one a Samurai. But as time went by... when he was still used as a sword, there were more people starting to use guns from the effect of modernization, which resulted in the decreased use of swords. (´-ω-`) We can see how sad he was from that tendency in this line, can’t we?

There is a similar line that Izuminokami Kanesada, who is his buddy and was also born at the same age as him, said in the game as well. Why don’t you compare their two lines, if you can get both of them? (p*・ω・`*q) You will definitely be attracted by Horikawa-kun more, once you find out their relationship!

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