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In 90’s, a lot of Weekly Shone Jump manga was rage of the times and “YuYu Hakusho” is one of the representatives. (Of course, I accept different opinions.) If you know those days, you might pose your finger as a gun and say “Reigan!” No? Only me?
“YuYu Hakusho” was manga series written by Yoshihiro Togashi, and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. It came in 19 volumes and was sold 50 million copies. It has an amazing circulation. Unabridged version has been released. Later, it has adopted into TV anime and aired on every Saturday, so I watched it and remember it clearly.

Protagonist, Yusuke Urameshi is a street-brawling delinquent. One day, he tried to save a child who was about to hit by a car, but Yusuke was hit instead of the child. However, for Spirit World, it is an unexpected event that Yusuke saved a child and died. He needs to go through a trial to come back to life and starts his new life as a Spirit World detective with Botan. Botan is a guide to Spirit World.

At the beginning of manga, Yusuke solves cases which specters cause, but around Toguro brothers come up, story shifts more battle like. And the Dark Tournament shifts it completely. But the Dark Tournament brings many important characters to the story, so it is okay! One of my favorite battles is “Knife Edge Death-Match” (the two will fight to the death with their fists after placing their feet in front of knives stabbed into the ground). It is a battle of Yusuke VS Chu. I really love it!! They use their own bodies, no weapons, so maybe that’s the reason why I like this episode. (head-butt makes the battle finish though.) At the Dark Tournament, there are many great individuality opponents, so every time, I looked forward to their tactics and how Yusuke’s team stands up to them. For example, Beautiful Suziki… I want to watch the anime again when I think back!

However, my number one battle is that…Roto VS Kurama at the Dart Tournament. Roto is a member of Rokuyukai team. Kurama is a former demon thief specter, and also Shuichi Minamino in Human World. He lives his life normally. Roto finds out Kurama’s life in Human World and takes Kurama’s mother as a hostage, then threats Kurama. But Kurama becomes out of control and launches a counterattack against Roto. Roto asks Kurama not to kill but, of course Kurama doesn’t accept his offer. This is the end of the battle. I was kind of shocked because Kurama has a warm personality but when he gets mad, everything changes. At the same time, I felt refreshed that such a frustrated character faced sanction. These both emotions were mixed in me. Actually, I remember this scene vividly than Kurama transformed into Yoko Kurama. So many criticisms came flooding in when the information about Kurama’s voice came out, because female voice actress played his voice. However, I think Emi Ogata is amazing because she convinced viewers for her acting. This time around, I think no voice actor/actress can play Kurama! I like both warm-hearted Shuichi in Human World and a fighter Yoko Kurama with Rose Whip!!

In Mr. Togashi’s work, such as “HUNTER x HUNTER”, there are many brain-use strategies and certain ruled skills (for example, Yusuke can shot a certain number of Spirit Gun a day etc.), so you will see some tactic battles and it will bring you into story. I’m glad if you are the same generation as me, read this article, and bring back the days, then touch anime or original manga again. If you don’t know this manga in real time, please read or watch YuYu Hakusho. Don’t think it’s old. You are very lucky because you can read and watch all the episodes at once!!

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