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(゜∇ ゜) Speaking of the rhythm games in which we can play with, most of such games are like the ones, in which we can play pressing five or more buttons with a good timing with music, right?

Among them, this game, “SHOW BY ROCK!!” is the brand-new-type one, in which “we can tap the buttons with three fingers”!!!

The characters appearing in this game are called Myumon, which are deformed animals. Music is necessary thing to live for Myumon! They try hard to be successful as top musicians in the music town called Midi City.

The content of the game is fighting with monsters showing up in Midi City, helping such Myumon’s performance or watching their everyday lives!

I mean... It’s a piece of cake because there are only three buttons, right? No way! It’s quite hard!

By the way, there’s a video we shared with you in “Ayami Times”, in which Ayami was actually playing SHOW BY ROCK!! The music she tried was ★4, so it’s like a normal difficulty level but she was busily moving her fingers when I watched her playing! I have also played it before and I could just barely complete to the ★6! It’s impossible for me to complete after the ★7! This game is known for its easy judgement but it’s quite hard actually! I’m so sad that I cannot even complete my favorite music either...! (By the way, my favorite bands are Shingan Crimsonz, Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan, and Demon Venom! My favorite music is SADAME、SEEK MY WAY OUT!)

This game was actually animated in 2015 and Season 2 will be televised in 2016! The main character is a girl, Cyan, who belongs to Plasmagica but... it’s a game where a modern high school student named Hijirikawa Cyan is lost in this game ( the world of the game SHOW BY ROCK!!) and puts together a band to go back to the previous world and fight with monsters!

Of course, the music in the game was played and the newly made music was announced as well! Among them, the live scene was impressed by so many people since the characters which used to be drawn just like the regular human’s body styles, were drawn with the CG deformed characters just like Myumon appearing in the game!

SHOW BY ROCK!!’s anime was over once when they solved the mystery of the world... What kind of revival is it going to be like in 2016?! I just can’t wait!!! I’ll be looking forward to anime, training my three fingers every day!!

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