Flandre Scarlet

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Flandre Scarlet is an extra boss character who appears in Touhou Koumakyou the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She is a vampire and lives in Koma-kan (Scarlet Devil Mansion).

She is 495 years old, 5 years junior to her sister Remilia.
However, Remilia has her locked up in the basement, and she has never been outside.
Perhaps because of this, she is a bit crazy.

Her ability is destroying absolutely anything.

This is not a physical destruction, but a destruction of the energy that dwells within all things, achieved by transferring the eye of the object into her hand.

She then crushes the eye in her hand, thus destroying the substance of the item.

When she is annoyed, she is incapable of moderation, destroying things without leaving a trace behind.

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