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It’s coming soooon!!!!!!! Comiket 87+゚*。:゚+(人*´∀`)!!!!!


<Ichiban Kuji and Special Offer>

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<Saori Press (Every Wednesday)>

★Saori Press Vol.34★Happy Merry Christmas! A Sacred Saori Press!
★Saori Press Vol.33★Let’s prepare the new anime of 2015!
★Saori Press Vol.32★A special article for Ikebukuro!
★Saori Press Vol.31★Special article about the ‘Ice’ Character!
★Saori Press Vol.30★Result of Yowamushi Pedal character Ranking!
★Saori Press Vol.29★A special article anime moves us to tears!
★Saori Press Vol.28★ A special article for cats’ characters!
★Saori Press Vol.27★A special article of dogs’ characters!
★Saori Press Vol.26★ A special article for Halloween’!
★Saori Press Vol.25★The anime that we can watch being relaxed!
★Saori Press Vol.24★ A special article of Kyoto Animation!
★Saori Press Vol.23★ Haikyuu!! result of characters’ Ranking!!
Special Saori Press!! Happy Birthday Saori & Boss!!!!
★Saori Press Vol.22★ Review of the autumn anime, 2014!
★Saori Press Vol.21★ Article for the characters’ combination!
★Saori Press Vol.20★ A special article for light novel anime!!
★Saori Press Vol.19★ A special article for the sports anime!!
★Saori Press Vol.18★ Let’s learn “Comiket?” from Comiket 86!
★Saori Press Vol.17★ special article Ponytail Joshi!
★Saori Press Vol.16★ special article Megane-Danshi character!
★Saori Press Vol.15★ Result Free! Characters Ranking!!
★Saori Press Vol.14★ A special article for the Japanese anime!
★Saori Press Vol.13★ A special article for the horror games!!
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