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The city of Karou, where Konoe, a main character, lives has been suffuering with a misterious phenomenon “void” and fallen down due to the shortage of food. In the middle of the situation, Konoe was cursed and selected as a live victim. Because of that, he was forced to start to a journey to regain his body. Lamento means “elegy” in Latin. The melody is an important key in this game.

When I saw the package of the game, I liked the best main character Konoe’s cat ear and tail! I am personally a cat lover, so I was very satisfied with his visual. I thought his character was cool but hostile and cute. However, he has a strong will as golden road main charactor like. In the story, he is a passive position, but in a scene he decides face the sivere destiny, he is so masqulocity ; I feel gap-moe; is cute opposite character.

Needless to say the beauty of the still images in the game, and the music like a folk song tags me into the story naturally. The integration of the fantasy element and BL game element is so hillarious. The voice actors are also good. I played the game and listening to the music.

Three characters to be manipulated.

I thought it was too few, but altemately each senario was pretty much densed.

He is a silver-haired cat with an eye patch. He is a kind of bossy and aggressive. He is also cool but hostile, and because of the nature he cannot grasp the heart. Ultimately, happy ending came for him at last. That movement could not measure more than that.

He is an ebony black cat warrior who was raised up in an isolated village. It is so cute he follows Konoe with true mind.

He is a tiger striped cat and also a master of the boarding house. Because of his matureness or not, he was a guy going his own way. He assumes a poker face. Once he gave advice to Konoe, and other he spoiled Konoe; he made us around.

Intimate scenes in each rout is beautiful rather than saying erotic. Both story and still images are well-illustrated rather than saying erotic.
Every charactoers has a good ending. You need a handkerchief to wipe away your tears. I really would like you to enjoy their sublimission of their hidden past, thought, and conflicts.

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