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“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” makes an extraordinary smash hit recently as a late-night anime. People may hear the title even if they don’t watch anime on TV.
It has been aired as an original anime since January, 2013. Ume Aoki known by “Hidamari Sketch” designed waffy pretty magical girls. Before this anime was released, funs were expecting that the story would be heartwarming and friendly.
I was one of them. But the expectation was totally betrayed by third episode.
This is written by Gen Urobuchi known by “Fate/Zero”, so I prepared for the story which includes filthy episodes later. But the episodes started earlier and filthier than I expected. The information was released without Urobuchi’s name at first. For not to be known what kind of style this anime is. However, some words get around, so stop hiding the information. Yes, true. If you are familiar with his writings, you definitely think “Even if the characters are all cute, but the story won’t be cheerful!!”

The main character Madoka Kaname is a 14year-old ordinary girl.
One night, she dreams a strange dream that is an unknown pretty girl fights against enemies. She is damaged but Madoka cannot help her, and at that time, a curious white creature tells Madoka…“Why don’t you make a contract with me to be a magical girl?” Madoka wakes up at next moment, and the pretty girl Homura who is Madoka saw in a dream the other day transfers to her school. Then she tells Madoka not to be a magical girl…
This is the beginning of the story.
Madoka’s characteristic is more of expectant type than active type. Madoka’s friend Sayaka becomes a magical girl, Homura’s thinking is not clear, and Kyubey keeps offering Madoka to be a magical girl…
Then, Kyubey’s terrible objects and Homura’s true thinking become obvious. These rapidly-changing conditions make Madoka confuse. When Madoka makes her decision, it is the same time as Homare’s true meanings become obvious, so I was about cry.
Opening theme song “Connect” is also good!! If you listen to this song with feelings for Homura, you’ll cry.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica TV series are completed, so when I heard the information about new film, I was wondering how the story will be continued.
The film don’t relate to TV series, so you can enjoy the story without watching TV series but I want you to watch the film after TV series. You’ll feel Homura’s deep feelings and cry for her.
But my favorite character is…sorry, it is not main characters but Madoka’s mom.
She doesn’t transform of course! lol However, she is an important character at key points. And she works very hard and so cool! (Madoka’s dad is an at-home dad.) I thought Madoka doesn’t take after her mom, but her warmth and strong mind is from mother.
And the last episode! I want to tell details but can’t because the materials would be come out if I tell…
Please enjoy and feel the story of the girl, Madoka Kaname!

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