Tachibana Makoto

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Makoto is quite a natural worrier but also happens to be a kind person.

He is a good friend of Haruka, who is able to feel thoughts and emotions of his without the use of words. However, he must admit that he is constantly under stress as he never stops himself from diving in to any pool of water he sees.

But what I like about him is how he is always able to "understand and watch over" Haruka. Not only is he concerned about Haruka and Nagisa, but also Rin, who goes to a different school.

Albeit he sometimes is a little cowardly, he is also quite matured and so the others do feel rather happy to trust and rely on him.

Though he is quite matured. he is a little unaccustomed to surprises!

For instance, when Haruka comes out in his swimming costume, or when Nagisa pulls his leg and drags him into the pool in episode 1, his face becomes very lively just like a child!

I wonder why all these people from Free! have such attractive characters!! I cannot stop myself from wanting more of his perplexed and flurried faces.!

Haruka and Nagisa is currently in the swimming club, but Rei, who will be coming in soon, is also quite a character; Seems like Makoto will have a lot more to worry about...

He managed to be the manager of the club (somehow with the flow), I am expecting him to be relied more and more from a lot of people!

Don't cry even if Haruka's in his swimsuit!!!

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