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( ´_ゝ`)Osomatsu-san…Durarara!!... Ansatsu Kyoushitsu… I’m so sad that more and more winter anime in 2016 are gone with their final episodes... I need something like a wonderful event, which can make me happy...

(`・v´・ )ノ=☆・゜:* This is it!!! SUPER COMIC CITY 25!!!
This is a super-huge-scale Doujinshi Sales event after HARU COMIC CITY 21, which took place in March!
How huge? There will be 24,000 spaces with circles’ number, 10,000 more than HARU COMIC CITY 21!!!

★Date: May 2nd and 3rd in 2016
★Genre available: All genre (any genre either new or old!)
★Place: Tokyo Big Sight

( ´_ゝ`) “Wow, it’s lovely, isn’t it...? But I couldn’t find an item that I wanted after I checked it through. I really wanted it though, since it’s only available with early preordering...”

(`・v´・ )ノ=☆・゜:* Don’t worry! Here’s what you can do to request!!!
Just feel free to contact us! You can request for any kind of items such as the ones that are available for preordering for SUPER COMIC CITY 25 or Doujinshi, Figure and Doujin Music, which were sold before!

■Requests board(Anybody can check here since it’s a bulletin board!)

■Contact Us (Nobody can check here since it’s a direct email request!)

( ´_ゝ`) “Wow... isn’t it lovely...?”

( ✧Д✧) “We gotta get ready now for May!”

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