Suoh Mikoto

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Mikoto Suoh is the leader of HOMRA known as the Red King.

He's usually calm and quiet, but once a battle starts, his temperament turns rough. However, within HOMRA, a friendly and very kind side of his is highlighted. In the anime, he's in prison most of the time, but stories related to his past have been published in the spin-off novel .

In the Doujinshi, there are many heartwarming stories depicting his mingling with the HOMRA members Izumo Kusanagi, Tatara Totsuka, Misaki Yata or Anna Kushina.

They're recognized as more of a "family" than a "friend" among the many Japanese fans. There's also a book depicting his relationship with the Blue King Reisi Munakata. Their relationship is an important element in the anime as well as the key in the final episode.

The thing I'm most surprised by is his age! When I came to know that he was still 24 years old, I saw him in a new light of being a very mature person.I really think that his charm comes from being thoughtful of his friends.I think that the fact that he has a lot of friends gathered around him, is not because he has ability, but because he has that kind personality.

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