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Main Characters
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Steins; Gate is the best among the hypothetical science ADV series.

The fandom never stops; it has been adapted for from a game in 2011 to animation, a movie, fan disks and side stories.
I think the game, of which story line flows from the routine to serious issues and the final time travel to reach the world of Steins;Gate truly deserves the title of "the game that erases players' memory and temps them to play again from the starting point".

As I have a taste for Tsundere, I fancy Makise Kurisu; it makes me the happiest man in the world to be surrounded by toys of Kurisu. Especially, the movie released in the spring of 2013 is of Kurisu, by Kurisu, for Kurisu. If you are a big fan of her, you don't want to miss it!

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