Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars! 食戟のソーマ)

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Yukihira Soma / Takumi Aldini / Hayama Akira / Isami Aldini

(゜∇ ゜) Shokugeki no Soma is a “cooking battle manga”, which is currently serialized in weekly shonen jump! I might say this is quite a sad story but once we actually read it, we can never describe it that simple!

The main character, Yukihira Soma, is a son and heir of a diner. He kept trying to compete with his father (also his master of cooking) over cooking day and night, attending junior high school at the same time... but!! (●ω●;) Guess what? His father all the sudden closed the diner and left there for overseas, leaving the diner behind, which Soma was going to take over! ( `д´) What on earth did he do to me?! His father left him an order though, that Soma should attend “Toutsuki Saryouryouri Gakuen (Toutsuki Culinary Academy), which is known for the best cooking school all over Japan.

(||´Д`)o He found out that the school was actually a horribly strict cooking school, where only 100 students will remain in the second year even though there were almost 1000 students in the first year. Yes, by the time they graduate, only a few students will remain...! But in reality, it’s the best school for people aiming at becoming a cook, since even the fact that they were actually attending the school makes them famous as a cook. That means, if they should graduate from the school, he/she will get the attentions from all the people in the cooking field!

(゜∇ ゜) So... here’s Soma-Kun... who’s going to attend such a school... You might be thinking he will positively and passionately compete against other students over cooking, right?!!!

(゜∇ ゜) He is!

(゜∇ ゜) Unlike how he appears!!


(*´・∀・) We somehow has the image of passionate characters for the ones appearing in the cooking battle manga, right? But his passion toward cooking is not extremely positive but based on “the confidence coming from his cooking experience (he started cooking since 3 years old) and “the creative power in which he can produce successful dishes after try and error”! In other words, he is cool and calm enough to be able to compete with his ability and experience that he’s acquired without sticking to his innate talent!

(人´∀`) This manga has a unique characteristics, in which we can actually feel “Wow, that looks delicious!” and cook them since it provides us with interesting recipes mixed with eccentric ingredients that we can actually get! Chaliapin steak and rice bowl, Shrimp sault ramen, Apple western porridge, Wrapped bacon with potatoes... (º﹃º ) I really want to share those pictures with you here! The recipes that appeared in manga were even released as a book and now it’s on sale! See, now you know they are delicious, right...? If some of you might be thinking of learning how to cook delicious dishes, this is the one!

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