Shirogane Naoto

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Naoto is a transfer student who is one year younger than Yu , Naoto is also a detective.

Naoto did not know the existence of Persona, but while Naoto pursues cases in the game collaborating with police, Naoto meets Yu and others several times.

Naoto had a certain complex, but Naoto gained Persona by overcoming it as Naoto did.
That complex is a big secret that Naoto has oneself, and Yu and others deepen strenghthen their bond by knowing it.

Naoto uses guns in the battle, Persona is Sukunahikona.

Naoto has a sharp mind and great apperance, is very popular among girls but also has cute side to be scared of horror stories.

In Doujinshi, Naoto often appears with Yu, Kanji and Rise who is in the same age.
Naoto is often seen especially with Kanji, and Doujinshi focusing on their relationship is popular!

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