Shindou Takuto

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Shindou Takuto

Position: Mid Fielder
School: Raimon Junior High School

He is the captain of Raimon Soccer Club in Inazuma Eleven GO.

The feelings of wanting to fulfill the role of a captain properly are very strong in him, he's a personality with strong sense of responsibility.

Among team members, he's close to Kirino Ranmaru. For that reason, Shindou is frequently drawn together with Kirino in Doujinshi.

Shindou, who, having opposed the directions of Fifth Sector, chose the way of trying to reclaim the old soccer world which he once could enjoy from the bottom of his heart, started working towards that goal is very strong-willed and thus, awesome!
The process in which Shindou's way of thinking changes thanks to Endou Mamoru and Matsukaze Tenma is a must-see!

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