Shibuya Rin

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Shibuya Rin is one of the New Generation.

She has a special presence in Cinderella Girls.She is the first character created for the game Cinderella Girls.If a game idol becomes popular, a voice actress will provide her voice, but she's the first game idol who was assigned a voice actress before becoming famous.

She gives you the first impression that she's cold and unfriendly. But she's a good, serious girl. When you get to know her, she shows you her charming side.

Her charms are her singing voice and her "gap"! Her song "Never Say Never" reveals her willingness to do whatever it takes to be an idol and her strong desire to be a top idol.

I too sometimes sing karaoke, and it's an excellent song. Please listen to this song that combines a fresh air and a burning desire.

She has a burning heart. Despite her cool looks, she has a pure heart just like other girls her age. During the Valentine's campaign, she became a special card. She looks very pretty after receiving special training.

Her fans and I went crazy as we saw her shyly handing out chocolate and shyly talking(n‘∀‘)η゚ !!!!! I can't resist the gap between her cool facade and her true self, which is usually hidden. But you need a huge amount of money to win her card! Darn it (´Д`;) !

She becomes stronger every time a card appears, so her fans will be on the rise!

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