Shameimaru Aya

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・Shameimaru Aya

Ability: Manipulation of wind
The theme song of Shameimaru Aya is “Wind God Girl”

Shameimaru Aya is the character of Touhou series and depending on the series, she appears as the central character depending on the series.
Her species is Crow tengu and flies around Paradise as a news reporter.
She has contact with many characters because she is a news reporter.
Bunbun Maru newspaper which she publishes is sold in Japan, too and it is necessary item for fans of Touhou.

She also protects Yokai Mountain in earnest.
The characters who are well together with Shameimaru Aya are Inubashiri Momiji, Himekaidou Hatate, Hakurei Reimu and etc.

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