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(※ here the standard is set as Fate/stay night )

Saber is a blond girl who appears in Fate Series.

She is a Knight’s “Servant” and is called the “Best Servant” as she is a character with high combat strength. But since her "Master" was Shiryou Emiya who is a half-baked sorcerer, she was summoned in a weakened condition.

She is woman who is polite and earnest, with small stature and dignity. But, despite her looks, she has an adorable side to her like she being a big eater, and her fondness towards stuffed toys.

Figure and Clothes are the most in number among her items! Also in Doujinshi, not only Emiya, there are books about Gilgamesh and Lancer which are closely connected.

Her attractions are innocence and strength!

As the story goes on, you come to understand the reason why she has to fight and go on with that determination, she's so dazzling. She sacrfices her own happiness, fights bleeding for the sake of smiles of many people, I was so moved by that.

You can see her story in both in Anime and game, please check them out!

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