Reiji Kotobuki

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Name:Reiji Kotobuki
Instrument of speciality:Maracas

He use to go to Saotome High School. After graduating that high school, he is working on his carierr as an idol. He is training Otoya Ittoki and Tokiya Ichinose because he has been in the show business longer than them.

It is really my favorite senior character! ! !

I think it's a cute and cool character. And the bright personality and friendly attitude towards everyone make the character really attractive!

For example, Reiji calls Otoya as Otoyan and Tokiya as Tokki, it shows that he can treat the junior fellows frankly.

If you had seen the first episode of season 2, you will know such personalities of this anime character very well! I advise you to see the eighth episode of season 2, in which Reiji invites [ [|Ranmaru]], Ai and Camus to fishing! Though it is a pity his invitation to fishing was coldly declined, Reiji’s reactions during the process (from when he made the proposal to the time he was declined) were really cute...

Reiji’s high spirits shared with Otoya was depicted in the game, instead of the animation. I recommend Reiji to those who are fond of Otoya!

For my friends around who like the anime, I often tell them one of Reiji’s lines. With this opportunity, I would like to close with these words ...


"Thank you macho macho!"

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