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Nation: ??
Strong Ability: Strength, Spell, Luck
Personality: The most mysterious within the army

Reflet is one of the main characters of Awakening.
Because it is an avatar character for the player, one can decide its gender and outward appearance.

Reflet was rescued by Chrom when he collapsed in the street with memory loss, and from then on, traveled with him.
He (or she) has talent as a strategist, and making full use of this skill, supports Chrom.
He (or she) can use both a sword and magic, and therefore will become a strong character for you after he has matured.

Reflet has the charm to attract people, but he (or she) is so bad at cooking the food tastes like steel.

Throughout the story, he (or she) mostly stays with Chrom , the leader of the army, in order to support him. He (or she) is also with him a lot in the Doujinshi .
In the case that Reflet is male, you can pair him with Lucina .

If the gender is different between Reflet and the other characters, you can wed him (or her) to almost any of the characters. However, if you choose Reflet as a male, I recommend marrying him to Lucina, and if Reflet as a female, I recommend marrying her to Chrom!

Because the process until you arrive at the wedding is amusing and sweet, and the story content changes a bit, people who don't play this game should definitely check it out!

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