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title蒼き鋼のアルペジオ ‐アルス・ノヴァ‐ B2タペストリー「タカオ」

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Just awesome
by Tiamat26 May 30, 2015
And the story goes like this…

I usually wait to watch anime’s after they have aired. Sometimes it can take up to two to six months before I get to a series and by that time we all know that if it was popular the merchandise has flown off the shelves ( sorta speak ).

I had been on the lookout for a wall scroll by Broccoli. Cospa [color=#4682b4] I had basically given up I kept looking at the Wall scroll once in a while on the site and hoping to get it.[/color]

I noticed OtakuRepublic I took the chance once more and sent them an e-mail Only an hour after I received the news that the other site did not have the wall scroll.[color=#4682b4]Was I optimistic that this other site would have it [color=#ff4500]of course not[/color]. I was very delighted when not to long after I sent out my request that I got a message back on my MFC account from them they gave me a link and when I clicked it there she was.[/color]

The Item was new and from Broccolli as I requeted.

Here is where the company now gets a gold star in my book. I have dealt with a few different stores since I started to collect; Ami Ami, Mandrake, HLJ GSC Cd japan and a few others. None of them did anything like this and I have been collecting since 2012

From:Shingo OtakuRepublic

Sent: May-27-15 2:20:28 AM

Hello Tiamat-san,

Thank you for shopping at OtakuRepublic.

Has your order arrived?

According to tracking, your package has not yet reached you. It seems that the package is in Post Office and they keep it. Could you check delivery status by following tracking?

Now this I would say is superior customer service when the sending company actually tracks things for you and sends you out a notification when they think you have received an item.

Would I recommend OtakuRepublic… From this one experience I have received I would surly say give them a try. This of course does not mean that the service is always like this, I only ordered once from them but they managed to impress me by simply sending out that confirmation of reception e-mail.

Well done OtakuRepublic I am glad I can write a good review for your great customer service and quality of Goods.


Thank you OtakuRepublic

= )


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