Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (Oreimo) (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない)

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<Main Characters>
Kirino Kousaka / Kuroneko (Ruri Gokou) / Ayase Aragaki / Kyousuke Kousaka / Kanako Kurusu / Saori Makishima / Manami Tamura /

Oreimo is originally based on a popular light novel. It is developed as a drama CD, an anime, and a video game, that is media mix. As of May 2012, the total number of publication of light novel series amounts to 4,100,000, which shows that Oreimo is a very popular work.

Kirino, the younger sister of the hero is a maniac and always plays adult video games, which is unknown to other people, simply explaining. Kyosuke, the elder brother of her has not known about this for a long time, for they were not along well with each other at all. She did not even greet him and look at him as if he is a kind of trash. Well, but it is rather a reward that you are seen as this by Kirino, will think not only I but other people.

Anyway, you can find that after she exposed it to Kyosuke that she likes sprouting anime and video games which focuses on the situation that someone has a strange emotion about his younger sister, which should not exposed, at “life consult”, she gradually gets close to him, twisting him, though. Also having a younger sister, as we are along very well, I get relatively excited at this situation. Rather, I envy. Oh, I am neither a kind of person who loves own younger sister nor has strange feelings to, emphasizing just in case. I am only Lolita-complex person...

And thanks to Kyosuke’s help, she can have got known to similar people who are maniacs through a party of SNS. It is the time Kuroneko –I love her so much! Love, love, love!!!!!!- met Saori Bajina. Kuroneko is surprisingly cute! I love her! In fact, taking off glasses, Bajina is also… I will introduce these in each page.
The charming point of this anime is Kirino, who is “tsun-dere” that means people who are cold in public but demand attention to their partners, and Kyosuke who is getting sister-complex. I love Kuroneko, though! I do not yield!

By the way, as you, who like anime goods and coterie magazines, know, the coupling of Kirino and Kyosuke is popular. You can see. It is usual that bad relation in original anime is often taken up in such magazines.

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