Okita Sougo

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Okita Sougo is the first commanding officer and an absurdly sadistic young man.

His appearance is that of a light-hearted young man, but he's really mean and he doesn't even try to hide it himself.

He's insincere about his job, and uses eye masks to take a lot of afternoon naps.Those eye masks are famous even as goods, so they're depicted under Straps or Stationery. Also, he uses a bazooka to attack instead of a katana, so even his appearance of holding the bazooka stands out.

Among Doujinshi, there are a lot of books depicting his time with Hijikata Toushirou and Kondou Isao.

Their pasts are linked deeply, and that is depicted in the anime as well, so there are a lot of Doujinshi dealing with them.

He has known them since his childhood, and that episode is very touching, so books which in which even parts which were not depicted are created, are very famous!

Also, he's very close to Sakata Gintoki and Kagura, especially with Kagura, he has developed violent arguments like between Sakata Gintoki and Hijikata Toushirou, so you'll see Doujinshis handling these two a lot.

These two are perhaps a famous man-woman combination even in Gintama!

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