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<Ichiban Kuji and Special Offer>

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<Saori Press and Ayami Times>

★Saori Press Vol.47★A special article “Personification” anime!
Special Saori Press! Welcome to Otaku Republic! new faces!
☆Ayami Times Vol.01☆Nihon-tou is hot ! What’s the Touken Ranbu?
★Saori Press Vol.46★A special article the related occupations!
★Saori Press Vol.45★A special article for Sakura characters!
★Saori Press Vol.44★Here are reviews for the new spring anime!
★Saori Press Vol.43★A special article characters fight with gun!
★Saori Press Vol.42★A special article for graduation ceremonies!
★Saori Press Vol.41★the result of KuroBasu Popularity RakingⅡ!
★Saori Press Vol.40★Article for ‘master and servant’ characters!
★Saori Press Vol.39★Sightseeing spots for Japanese anime!
★Saori Press Vol.38★A special article for the Valentine’s Day!
★Saori Press Vol.37★A special article of odd-eye character!
★Saori Press Vol.36★The result of Winter anime ranking 2015!
★Saori Press Vol.35★A special article for the assassin !!
★Special Saori Press!!★ Let’s review Comiket 87!
★Saori Press Vol.34★Happy Merry Christmas! A Sacred Saori Press!
★Saori Press Vol.33★Let’s prepare the new anime of 2015!
★Saori Press Vol.32★A special article for Ikebukuro!
★Saori Press Vol.31★Special article about the ‘Ice’ Character!
★Saori Press Vol.30★Result of Yowamushi Pedal character Ranking!
★Saori Press Vol.29★A special article anime moves us to tears!
★Saori Press Vol.28★ A special article for cats’ characters!

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