Moriya Suwako

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・Moriya Suwako

Abilities:Creating earth
Theme song:Native Faith

Moriya Suwako is an extra boss character who appears in Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith.
She is an indigenous god who lives in Moriya Shrine.

In ancient day, she established a kingdom of Moriya and reigned as a King.
She is said to have used iron ring when fighting with other countries.
However she lost to Yasaka Kanako, the god of Yamato.
After that the kingdom of Moriya was reigned by dual gods.

Years and years passed and people's faith in god became weak, so she moved to fantacy world with shrine, along with Kanako and Sanae.
When she first came to the fantacy world, her existence was a mystery, but when Reimu and Marisa came to find Moriya shrine, they encountered her and later she became widely know.

Her motif is a frog, she has immature looking and is very cute.
Big hat is her characteristic, and among the fans there is a rumor that it's actually alive.
In the original story, she attacks with iron ring that she was good at using as a weapon.
Also since she reigned the god of curse, she sometimes shows evil faces.
However that's charming side of her as well.

She is often with characters like Kochiya Sanae, Yasaka Kanako, Cirno, etc.

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