Minami Kotori

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My favorite character is Kotori. She's so cute, kind of a goofy and blunder.

That's why she's perfect!! She's also a healing type of girl, so she always makes around people relax. That is also really cute point. Her bust measurement is 80, but that is modesty and cute I think.

By the way, her mother is the chairman of the board of directors in Otonokizaka school that is the story of setting.
However her mother seems a strict woman, that point is good gap.

Kotori is so famous as a legend of maid in maid cafe. I think maid is awesome!! Anyway inspire of she's really type of goofy and slow tempo girl, she think herself no value girl (I think she's so cute) and she has complex about that.

Anyway Kotori, will you marry me? I mean it!!

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