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Midare Toushirou is one of the Tantou-type swords characters appearing in Touken Ranbu!

It's Midare Toushirou. ....Hey, do you want to wreak havoc with me?

All the players who first saw him think.... ‘I didn’t know that there was a girl’s character too in Touken Ranbu!’. Yes, this character surely looks exactly like a super cute girl with long pink-ish blond hair and even a mini skirt on. But it’s not! Midare Toushirou is 100% boy! (By the way, his voice actor is a man too.)

(*ゝω・*) Now, let's wreak havoc together everyone?
(*ゝω・*) Thank you♪
(*ゝω・*) Now, proceeding to battle!

Whoaaaa Midare chaaaaan!! Look at me~~~!!!! When he joins in my party, it will be just like a concert hall for an idol! Any battle field can turn into the open-air concert stage! Midare chaaaaan!! You’re so cute as usual~~!!!

(*ゝω・*) Touching is prohibited!

This is a line that Midare chan says when he attacks! Yep, touching our idol, Midare chan is outrageous! We do have Ojiichan who we can touch in Touken Ranbu but not Midare chan! Even a strong enemy can never touch him, not even with your finger touch!

(*ゝω・*) For me... I despise someone like you a lot.

But as you know, there are always persistent fans (enemies) around any idol! If Midare chan sees that kind of enemy, she gets mad even though she is always smiling! There is one of the Uchigatana characters appearing in Touken Ranbu, who has a signature phrase ‘Anyone who sees me naked... shall die...!’’.... but Midare chan never shows his naked body at ease! Even though she gets hurt by the enemy, her refined beautiful body will never get damaged!

By the way, Midare chan in my party is now at level 35! Even though he has still been growing, I’ve been trying hard to get higher level, aiming at going to the 6-2 stage with Midare chan! Don’t you think it’s so exciting if we imagine that Midare chan, who got stronger from the Night Battles, attacks and defeats the characters such as Oodachi or Naginata in the enemy’s party....? Just can’t wait!

(*ゝω・*) どうしたの? そんなにじろじろ見て
What's wrong? Why are you staring at me so much?

Midare chan has so many brothers! (Ichigo Hitofuri, Yagen Toushirou, Honebami Toushirou, Namazuo Toushirou, etc....) In Doujinshi, you can see the pleasant communication between him and his brothers, which we can rarely see in the game! If you get interested in him after you read this article, please go check out Doujinshi too! And let’s be Midare chan’s fans together!

Now, let's wreak havoc!

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