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Masrur is one of the eight generals.

Like Morgiana, he is also a descendant of Fanalis, and possesses fighting skills greater than hers.

With a weak electrical flow he can potentiate the action of his muscles, and defeat tens of enemies alone.

He's usually silent with a blunt affect, but when he's with Morgiana, to whom he teaches martial arts, he treats her like a little sister with kindness. He also listens to Sinbad and Jafar, whom he respects. He's basically a kind character.

His fans in Japan love him very much, but oftentimes he doesn't speak at all even if he appears in the scene, so when he speaks his fans will shout for joy. That's how much he doesn't talk!

He's often drawn as a set of three with Sharrkan, Alibaba's master of sword art, and Yamuraiha, Aladdin's master of magic.

There are a lot of Doujinshis for these three, so check it out!

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