Maria-sama ga Miteru (マリア様がみてる)

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I thought “Maria-sama ga Miteru” is more girls novel than light novel but it is said 80% of readers of this novel is male. Since the story is set in girls high school, men rarely gains enter in there. Gorgeous and somewhat Takarazuka Revue-like story unfolds the whole time by girls with good upbringing for girls with good upbringing. There is neither naughty scene nor harem rather it is precisely the opposite but I find it surprising there are many male readers.

The story is set in high school of Lillian Private Girls Academy. It is a Christian missionary school and from kindergarten to college. It is a “preppy school” which takes many women of good family into. Yumi Fukuzawa, who is the protagonist, attends the school and is average girl in first grade. She gets involved in student council known as “Yamayuri council” because she was adjusted her clothes by secret idle Ogasawara Sachiko who is “sanguine rosebud (Rosa Chinensis en bouton)”.
In the high school of Lillian Private Girls Academy, there is a system called “soeur”. Sometimes a senior student promises to a junior student to be her sister. According to the system, Yumi becomes a younger sister of Sachiko “younger sister of sanguine rosebud (Rosa Chinensis en bouton petite soeur)”. There is no mysterious element such as a magic but there are special terms. Especially, the name of soeur of top member s of Yamayuri council but I yearn for it somehow.
Yumi is in the “sanguine rose (Rosa Chinensis)” family. There are “white rose (Rosa Gigantia)” and “yellow rose (Rosa Foetida)” and each has “en bouton (rosebud)” and “en bouton petite soeur (younger sister of rosebud)”. Put simply, “sanguine rose”is in third grade, “rosebud” is in second grade and “younger sister of rosebud” is in first grade. You will get used to these terms.
The story revolves around Yumi and Sachiko and they grow spiritually though graduation of Sachiko and Yumi exerting herself to decide her own younger sister. Of course, other characters are also individualistic such as Rei Hasekura who is boyish and very popular among girls and Sei Satou who is an older-sister-like girl to rely on. The environment surrounding Yumi is exciting.
This novel is sometimes treated as “yuri” novel which depicts relationship between girls. But I think don’t need to be biased. This novel mainly depicts shining world of “daily life of girls with good upbringing” mainly which you cannot peep at usually.

Anime is up to season four including original video anime. It has been made into drama CD, web radio, live-action film and so on. Personally, I recommend season 4 since my favorite character is Touko Matsudaira. I felt mental growth of Yumi when I saw the season 4 which depicts Yumi and Touko become soeur. Touko is a disgusting person at first. Touko rebels against Yumi because she longs for Sachiko and feels negative about favor of Yumi... . But she is cute when she gets bashful. Tsundere is good!
The scene I like the most is of course Touko telling Yumi she wants to be her sister. It is the scene Touko became amenable to herself finally although she has gone in circles until then. I really felt it was good to settle everything nicely.

You may hesitate to read since it is long, but I recommend you to read it alone in a relaxed manner when you have time to spare with putting the kettle on for tea. After you read it though, I guess you would like to offer the word “goigenyou” in greeting! Please peep at their lily academy life enjoying with their soul.

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