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She's so cute. You could even call her Lollicon. Thank you so much for making that last order for me!!

You can really feel the creator's intentions. You can truly understand the straight, "I want to capture the layers of Lollicon" feeling. (※These are the personal opinions of the person who wrote this!)

She appears to be about ten years old. However, contrary to appearances, she is the highest level manager of the Sisters, Mikoto Misaka's mass-produced clones. Unlike the other sisters, she has a special ability, which makes her a target for villains.

She's had her life saved before by Accelerator, and they both trust each other and have a good relationship. There's an abundance of Doujinshi featuring the two of them.

Her attractive point is her spiky hair. No other. Spiky hair is cute, really cute. If I had to pick something else, it would be the way that she ends her sentences. However, that isn't really conveyed unless you're watching in Japanese... How about using this as motivation to study Japanese??

By the way... In her first appearance, she's only wearing a blanket.

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