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Lancer is an extremely quick-witted spear user, and yet he rarely does anything in Fate/stay night.

He appears at the beginning of the story and remains until almost the end, yet he's rarely seen doing much. He has a serious personality and places a lot of emphasis on faith and honor. In Fate/hollow ataraxia, he shows wonderful adaptability to present-day society, getting a part-time job and even picking up girls!

From the very start of the work, he shows a lot of charm, so please give him lots of love in other works as well!

In Doujinshi, his personality is a little different, and he's often shown with other supporting characters, such as Saber, Archer, and Gilgamesh.

In the games and anime he often does not face a good end, so there are many comedic books where he seems very happy! In particular, because he's so serious, he's often manipulated by the people and events around him!!

Also, there are symbols for all of the servants, not just him. There are many character items with that symbol printed on them! I especially recommend the straps, and Doujin Items !

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