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( *・ω・) Kogitsunemaru is one of the Tachi-type swords characters, which was born in Heian era. His name, ‘Kogitsunemaru’ represents ‘small (Ko)’ and ‘fox (Kitsune)’. But you know what? He is not like the small fox at all!

“It'll hurt if you get bitten..... because I'm wild!"

I’ll talk about his appearance first! His charm is of course the fluffy and smooth long hair. ( *=ω=) You see the hair top of his head? It looks like a fox’s ears, right? The way it bounces is so cute, isn’t it?
..... Yes, he is surely cute but.... the chest that we can glance at from his kimono (super sexy!) or the big hands make us think it hard to believe that he is ‘a small (Ko) fox (Kitsune)’! I guess he is taller than any other character in Touken Raubu too.

But why on earth does ‘big’ Kogitsunemaru has a name that represents ‘small’? That has something to do with a legend about a sword called Kogisunemaru. ( ・v・)σ

“Why am I called small fox (Kogitsune) even though I'm so big? ......It's because of humbleness”

When Nihon-tou (sword) is made, two artisans use hammers in turn professionally. But when Kogitsunemaru was made, the forging artisan was having a hard time in looking for the professional partner to work with. ( =ω=) Then he decided to pay a visit to the shrine.
And guess what....! A mysterious child appeared in front of him and said to him that he didn’t need to worry about anything and your wish would come true! As the child said, when he was about to make Kogitsunemaru, the God looking like a fox came and helped him make the sword. (The shrine that the artisan visited was the one in which the fox God was worshipped.)

Thus, he finally made Kogitsunemaru! Then he named it Kogitsunemaru, which means ‘a small fox’ from the appreciation to the God and his humbleness. (`・ω・´) And they all lived happily ever after.

By the way, this artisan also made Mikazuki Munechika, which is super rare and the Tachi-type character! Maybe we might be able to hear their special conversation in the game (Touken Ranbu)? That’s what I’m expecting though. ( *=ω=)

“Master says my fur is beautiful”

Small, but big Kogitsunemaru. But it is not the only difference he has! When I saw him first, I was assuming that his personality was wild since he has a wild appearance (slit eyes, double teeth and rich silver hair.... just awesome (・∀・))
But it wasn’t after all! Kogitsunemaru calls his player ‘Master’ and always adores the player! The way he talks is refined too. Even though I was imagining that he was rough, this difference was just unexpected. ( *=ω=) But I came to like him more and more thanks to this!

And Kogitsunemaru has such beautiful long hair, doesn’t he? I’ve heard that he is proud of it too and he never fails to take care of his hair. (*´ω`) Even when he got damage from the battle, he said something that he cared more about the gloss of his hair than his wound. The hair must have super good texture... I wish I could touch it.

Did you get interested in Kogitsunemaru after you read this article so far? Play Touken Ranbu and try to get Kogitsunemaru! ..... Yes, that’s what I really want to tell you but.... Kogitsunemaru is such a rare sword just like Mikazuki Munechika. +゚m(´・c_・` )m。+゚。 You might be able to see him after you defeat the Boss at the end of the game, even though it’s so rare! I see so many Saniwa keep fighting with enemies on the 5-3 (Sunomata (Jokyu War)) stage.

But if you are able to get Kogitsunemaru after you have tried hard, he will surely welcome Saniwa! He is a wonderful character and worth the suffering to get. (^ω^) If you see Kogitsunemaru, please adore him!

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